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On a sunny day at about noon, from a window of the maternity ward you could hear a sharp but still sweet cry out of a new born. This was Marius Gelu Dragomir, a little man that would cross the long road of life and adulthood. What a beautiful spring day it was! 19 April 1969, when the buds blossomed of life.

Four years later, who would have known that the little boy with blonde curly hair would make the first steps to stardom, at the music festival "Lira de Aur", were he won the first prize by singing with a violin "The Ballad Of Ciprian Porumbescu". It looked like the young man has chosen his path in life.

His parents supported him through time, and with the talent and ambition given him by god, wins in fall of 1989 the first prize for interpretation and creation at the prestigious national contest "Mamaia". Marius Gelu Dragomir performed vocals but also instruments. He would became famous for his original performances as well as self composed songs, which the critics of art praised but he also had a lot of success at the public. At the same time he won the prize "Steua fara nume", a very important national contest of high professional level. You could say that Marius Gelu Dragomir was at the verge of a big carrier.

1990 Italy, moments of indulgence professionally as well as creatively which Marius Gelu Dragomir lived to the fullest, meeting and working with big names of that time.

People from whom Marius would learn a lot like mixing sounds and images, directing as well as other techniques that he only learned briefly at the national television station.

His first album called Voices of Nature released in 1992 awakened the public to a new kind of music on the romanian market, electro-progressive. Again Marius amazes with his flexibility in the musical field. Almost forgot to tell you about the instruments that Marius can play: violin, piano, trumpet, nai, percussions, harmonica, guitar, contrabass, pipe, whisle and many other more.

I should remind you that Marius Gelu Dragomir was and will be a great folklore singer, a lover of nature and of all humankind.

1993 the album "MAGICIANUL" was released in the most prestigious music store from Bukarest called MUSICA where stars of that time came to sing together with him in a special show. The critics were exceptional, Marius Gelu Dragomir stepped into the next sphere of stardom.

Marius appeared in TV shows and radios, he was invited at Primetime.

He worked on several occasions with advertising companies, radio stations and TV stations, he produced musical moments but also a soundtrack for the movie "Bariera".

1995-1996 Marius G. Dragomir breaks all rules of musical style when he appears on the music scene with a new style called KASHAY or ETNO-POP.

The sales skyrocket reaching records that were not passed for over 50 years. More than 1800 000 units were sold in Romania alone, the press kept his name on the first pages, he was invited two several TV shows with great audiences which kept growing. This is the album which everyone waited for: PARTY IN TRANSILVANIA!

I should not tell you what happened next... but here we go: 16 albums later with the tremendous public success, sales of over 3 000 000 units, several awards: ACTUALITATEA MUZICALA - RECORD DE POPULARITATE (Musical News- Popularity Record), DISCUL DE AUR (Golden Record), PREMIUL PENTRU CEL MAI PROLIFIC ARTIST AL ANULUI (Award for the most media present artist of the year), PREMII SPECIALE DIN PARTEA CASELOR DE DISCURI (Special awards from the Record Companies), PREMIUL PENTRU INTREAGA CARIERA (Lifetime Achievement Award), DIPLOME JUBILIARE (Jubilee Diplomas). Here we have to remind a few albums with big commercial success: HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DRACULA!, CANTA ROMANE, SEX ON THE BEACH, ONE MORE PARTY, MUSTAFA, DA-MA MAMA DUPA GYURI, CINE OARE, SUFLET DE ROMAN, KASHAY ROMANUL it is clear that his success was and will echo through time because Marius G. Dragomir motto is : Faith in success and god holds the place of genius.

     There are few people who know that Marius Dragomir is divided between two great loves: painting and music, when not give us one of a "Party in Transylvania". His passion for painting was discovered in childhood and later Marius disparage eggs, at Easter the time was a student at Art School. Gradually, Marius managed to develop this skill, making both oil paintings, and graphics. Artist's favorite themes are those with deep spiritual messages, the religious and those that shows hunting scenes and portraits. His works have so much search that singer has sold an painting of 3,000 Euros in Italy and not only . Also, the artist has decorated many walls of homes with their own works. "Art is a gift that every time you find another surprise. The echo of my soul, a way to relax me and to reveal my other artistic valences," said Marius.

    Autoportret - 1986      Lonely king - 1988     

                             Grafica - 1994 - Prometeu      Grafica murala - 2006 - Cavalerul Templier     

                           Grafica - 1994 - Caravan      Grafica murala - 2006 - Maica cu pruncul     

Grafica murala - 2006 - Lupta la Castel      Jesus Aparition - 1994                          

  Medieval war - 2004      Vanatoarea - 2004     

Pictor pictand - 2004      Reflection - 1995      

Schite - The monk - 1994      Time distorsion - 1994     

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      Viziuni din Astral - 1995      Viziuni din Astral 1 - 1995     

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