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Spectacular comeback
16 June 2005
For the chapter of astonishing comebacks in the world of music we can add Marius Dragomir the one who 10 years ago made waves with the song Party in Transylvania. The singer Marius Dragomir was away for 3 months in America with business.
Promoted by Americans. More precisse, he worked together with the mezzo-soprano Nicoleta Strauss, a Romanian established 7 years ago in "the promise Land. In all this time I´ve orchestrated and composed Nicoleta’s album but i also have recorded two songs together with her. The fans at home will be surprised to hear me sing a sort of canto. Also as news, the singer will be recording a video for the song "Per L’eternita". And here come the good parts, wenn we tell you that the chosen place is The Peles Castle. "There has never been filming here, but my team received all the approvals". And like a paradox, the americans will promote it in Europe. "There will be releases of my album in Italy, France, Spain, maybe also in Romania". Marius is dissapointed by the fact that there´s no more good money out of music in his country.
Boycott. He is convinced that he was never promoted to he’s full value: "I don’t believe that an artist is in style or out of style and that it would be a reason not to be promoted enough. I am convinced that you don’t even know how many albums I´ve recorded and how many were a success even if they were only put on sale and not promoted. It would be nice if the record companies would promote and not just boycott. I was often told : Let it be, Marius sales anyhow". With all of the inconveniences, the singer who once made the successful record: Party in Transylvania does not think of leaving his country. In a personal note, Marius has just recovered from a bad divorce, but he was also courted by an american women and he almost came back with a wedding ring. "I was courted, and even had a chance to get married again, but I don’t believe in the institution of marriage anymore.”
After he left all his belongings to his ex-wife, the artist has a new thing he can brag about: "I built a house in Brasov that looks like a mansion, near the forest. Everything in the house is rustic on the walls there are hanging swards, arches, shields. The is also a tile brick stow like my grandmother had." He is in cold relations with he's ex, but he tries to visit his kids once a month:" I'm participating actively in their razing. They will start school in autumn and I will be there for them".
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Sheperd for three days
09 November 2005
Marius Dragomir was invited to a sheep ranch outside of Sibiu by a romanian Folksinger, called Grama Mugurel. For 3 days the singer amused himself, relaxed but also worked typical ranger stuff: milked sheep’s, slashed sheep’s, coked them and sang on a whistle. To better blend in he put on also the traditional garments.
When I got there I wasn’t feeling good, I was a bit cold. But after 3 days I felt better and invigorated, sad Marius.
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